When you think accessories, you’re probably thinking what jewelry or shoes will I wear with this
outfit, but I’m a traveler so that’s the last thing on my mind when I think of accessories. What first comes to mind are things that are going to help make my travel go much more smoothly. Lucky for you, I’ve been traveling for years and have been able to craft the perfect must haves for short vacations and long-term travel, so I’ll take that to-do item off your list. Let’s dive into my travel experiences and how each item came in handy.

When I first started solo traveling in 2004, my first destination was London, and I was staying for three months so I came with two large suitcases and one carryon. Little did I know, I’d be hauling those suitcases on trains and all through the streets of London. When I was crossing a busy intersection with all those bags, I said to myself, “I’ll never do this again.” From that point forward, I was “team carryon.” The bag that I use is really durable, expandable, and fits in the carryon space on the plane. It’s perfect for a vacationer, but a long-term traveler should consider buying the set. No matter whether you grab the bag or set, you won’t be disappointed.

Now that I travel full-time, I have to take my work with me. I had this great laptop that had all the software I needed on it, large screen, and I was really comfortable with it, but my back was hurting so bad as I was hauling it around the world. So I made the decision to buy a new laptop. It’s a 13-inch MacBook Air, which is lightweight, and I still have all my software along with enough memory to hold all of my travel photos, and more importantly, I no longer have those travel back pains from carrying it through airports and around town. For those of you who travel frequently, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good camera. Do not waste time and money on trips and then document them with a super grainy camera. Trust me, it is worth the investment to get the best shots. Most bloggers use a
Canon, but do your research and see what works best for you. I recommend the Canon E0S with all the accessories so you don’t have to purchase them all piecemeal. What is also super
important for a traveler is a good battery pack.

While I was living in Colombia, my phone just kept dying. Before I started traveling to Africa, I knew I needed to figure out a solution. I started researching online, and found my lifesaver, the Anker battery pack. It was such a great buy because I’d be staying in places in Africa where there was no electricity at all, at times, so I was able to charge all of my devices at all times. I can’t tell you how long it holds a charge because it’s never died once since I’ve had it. It’s such an amazing travel companion. Speaking of phones, the best travel phone service for travelers is Google Fi. I have traveled to well over 30 countries, and I have only not had service is Togo and Namibia. I mean I was literally in the Sahara Desert with phone service. For all of the naysayers, I also have another phone as well which boasts of the best international plan, and it rarely works in any country I’ve visited. Moreover, after six months they cut you off completely saying they’re not an international service, their plans are for short-term travel. Google Fi has been my lifesaver.

Can you imagine being in the middle of nowhere and can’t call for help because there’s no internet or phone service available? How do you manage? It is worth mentioning that the only phone you can use with Google Fi service is the Google Pixel, which takes amazing pictures, and you can find it in the link on Amazon. Be sure it is unlocked and is at least a Google Pixel 2 or above. Since I have so many devices, and rarely are there multiple outlets or multiple adapters, my Belkin travel power strip is invaluable. I also use the Skross travel adapter, which is also a great find. I have one piece with adapters that work in every country. It’s so great to have, but if you’re traveling to countries like South Africa, which I just learned the hard way, you should try this BESTEK international power adapter with voltage converter. Having the extra USB ports and outlets will be invaluable for your multiple electronics, and it is an all in one gadget. I’ve given you a few tips today, but there are so many travel accessories that go into making mytrips easier. I’ll have to do a part two, but I’ll leave you with these two.

Some places I’ve visited don’t have adequate shower or toilet facilities, and the Scrubzz rinse-free bath sponges have been a Godsend for on-the-go bathing. For men, toilet facilities don’t really matter, but for
women, it is a big deal. Here’s a female urination device that I use to make my trips to the toilet much easier in places where I don’t want to be near the toilet at all or where there is no toilet. Do yourself a favor and order these today.

I have included links to all the products that I use. Yes, I’m an Amazon junkie. It’s simple and easy to place an order. Please support me by using the links that I have provided. If you have any questions or need tips for items not mentioned today, please just leave a note in the comments, and I’ll respond right away.
Happy Traveling!!!


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