First, I’d like to congratulate you on making the decision of a lifetime, to become a solo female traveler.  You have no idea of the epic voyage you are about to undertake. Your days will be filled with discovery and your nights with sweet bliss.  So rest up and get ready!

The first thing I want to do is to expel the notion that solo travel means you will be spending all of your time alone. To the contrary, when I’m traveling alone, that’s when I meet the most people, and that’s because when you’re alone, you’re far more approachable. People also become curious about what you’re doing because not many people are so bold as to do anything alone, especially travel. I mean people don’t even go to movies alone, and you’re just sitting in a dark room silently watching a show. This is why this makes you even more interesting to someone looking for a little conversation.

While traveling solo, I have met people through many different ways, but the best places to meet people are in hostels, on group tours, and while sitting in restaurant bars. My advice is to be friendly, be open, and don’t be afraid to say hello first to someone else who may look like they could use the company. Some of my closest friends are other solo travelers who I’ve met all over the world, but always be safe and trust your instincts.

People always ask if I’m afraid when I’m traveling solo. Well, the short answer is no. As a matter of fact, unless you’re married or have a live in spouse or roommate, you spend most of your time alone anyway. It’s really not that different when you’re traveling except the fact that your friends and family are much more than a short drive away. My advice is to just be smart. Always be vigilant and aware of your environment.

I’ll give you a list of the things that I feel are really important to ensuring your safety. First, know in advance how you will get from the airport to your accommodations. I have had some of the craziest experiences at airports. Second, always stick to transportation where your movements are tracked, like Uber and Taxify. Once you get into a taxi, no one will even know who you were with or where you went. At night, always take a car service home because it’s just safer. I would also advise that you don’t drink too much so you are always completely aware of your environment and the people in it. Places I find to be very safe to have a few cocktails are hotel or hostel bars. You’re typically around people you’ve gotten to know or at least see everyday, and you don’t have far to get back home.

What really gets me excited about solo travel is meeting the locals. I have been invited into people’s homes, taken on tours, given the secrets to the best spots to see in the city, restaurants to try and so much more. I’ve also been able to learn the history of a place from the very people who were around to experience it. It’s like taking a whole other journey outside of the place you already are, and it’s so fascinating.

When traveling, don’t forget to do the things you love. If you love hiking, find a great hike to take while you’re there. If you like swimming, find the best pool in the city, and experience it. If you’re a clubber, party the night away. Never neglect your passions in an effort to see every tourist destination in the city. This will make your trip even better than you could imagine.

If you’re single, go on a date. I would have to say that dating around the world has been such an epic experience for me. Even the bad dates just gave me really good stories to tell, and what else is a great trip about if not the stories?
The ultimate goal is just having a blast even while doing things that others may find a complete bore. It is your trip, and unlike the girls trips you normally take, you only need to answer to you and do whatever your heart desires so make the most of it.


  • Myra Hunt

    September 12, 2018

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