Iam a slow traveler so that means I spend anywhere from 3-6 months in a country before moving on to the next one.  This gives me a chance to try many restaurants, see many of the sites and visit close-by cities.  I have been to more than 30 countries, and this is a list of the best food I have ever had along my travels.  As you know, food tastes are very subjective, but I have a pretty sophisticated palate so follow my foodprint.

I would be remised if I didn’t start with my home country.  I’m a southern girl so I love food with lots of flavor.  In my experience, San Francisco, New York, and my hometown of Atlanta has the best food in the USA.

The beauty of San Francisco cuisine is that there are so many different cultures in the city so the fusion of different types of food is simply divine in restaurants like Liholiho Yacht Club which is equal parts Hawaiian, Californian, and Chinese.  There are also spots like State Bird Provisions with the most eclectic flavors that just explode in your mouth.  I can’t even make a list without including The Slanted Door which has both delicious food and an equally as wonderful ambiance.

New York just has so many amazing options it’s hard to know even where to start.  I’ll start with the Michelin-starred restaurant, Torishin where you can find the finest chicken skewer in the land.  If you want an amazing burger, check out Superiority Burger where most dishes are under $6, but they still have the finest ingredients, same found at fine-dining spots.  Next, I have to give you a hole in the wall spot because these are sometimes the best, Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken.  Need I say more?  Last, but certainly not least, check out Sylvia’s for some down home soul food.

Speaking of soul food, it’s time to dine out in Atlanta, my hometown.  My favorite soul food spot is Busy Bees.  Now this is really a hole in the wall spot. Get there early and be prepared to be as full as you have ever been.  I love some good barbeque so definitely stop at Jim ‘N Nicks.  It’s simply divine.  Everything is good, but be sure to get whatever you order with cornbread and some sweet tea.  Next on my list is Soul City Kitchen.  It’s for those who want good soul food with a taste of elegance.

Eating abroad is one of my favorite past times.  I love trying cuisine from other cultures, and being able to add those flavors to my own home cooking.  My number one country for eating is Thailand.  My favorite dish is the whole fried fish with sweet chili sauce.  I could literally eat this everyday.  You can find it at any restaurant and even on the street.  It’s a must try.

Have you ever had yellow curry crab?  If you’re in Chiang Mai, you’re definitely in for a treat.  You can get this tasty dish at Pho Pad Pong Karee, one of Thailand’s most popular comfort food spots.  If it’s top of the line and elegance you seek, make reservations at Bo Lan.  Not only is Bo Lan a beautiful location that will spice up your Instagram feed, but it’s also delicious and sure to impress.  While dining out in Thailand, don’t fail to try the street food.  It will not disappoint.

Next up on my list is China. I’m not a big Chinese food fan based on my experience in the US, but once I arrived in China and started eating, I was just addicted.  I literally paid pennies for my food, and it was some of the best food I’ve ever tasted.  I honestly never even had the need to step foot into any restaurants.  It was a street food oasis.

Ghana is not a place I could eat street food because it is made with unfiltered water, but their restaurants are delectable. As soon as you land, the first stop should be Chez Clarisse Mama Africa.  My favorite items on the menu are the fish topped with vegetables and the plantains. This is a mouth-watering dish that will have you coming back daily for more.

If you want something a bit more fancy but good, stroll on over to Buka.  My favorite item on the menu are the gizzards, and I don’t even eat that outside of this place, but it’s delicious.  Also, try the fried kelewele too.  It’s what they call sweet plantains. The regular plantains leave much to be desired so be sure to ask for it by name. Also when in Ghana, be sure to try the ginger & pineapple juice or order the ginger juice and bissap juice, my personal favorite, and mix the two, amazing.  It’s one of my must have items when in Ghana.

Belize is also a place with great food.  I mean everything is good here, but first up are the fry-jacks.  They are simply amazing, but my favorite dish are the lobster fry-jacks.  You can find them at Estel’s Dine by the Sea.  Be sure to thank me later.  Admittedly, the best restaurants in Belize are the hole in the wall places.  Stick to those, and you will be just fine.

Panama is a food haven.  My favorite restaurant is El Caribe in the El Cangrejo district. The fried fish and rice and beans are fabulous.  Do you see a pattern here?  From the south, love fried foods.  Well, even if you’re not a fried food fan, you’ll surely still love the food here.  It is true Caribbean dining at its finest.   An extra treat is the karaoke in the evenings.  You’ll have a blast eating good food and singing the night away.

If you happen to show up to El Caribe, and they are closed, as has happened to me on many occasions, stop at El Trapiche next door and have a sandwich on their fantastic homemade bread.  It will be a surprisingly special treat.

Speaking of hole in the walls, Peach Fuzz International has the most amazing food.  The owner there will become your new best friend because he offers up amazing food with a side of good conversation.  There are so many dining options in Panama that are mouth watering that you won’t be disappointed no matter what restaurant you choose.

I am a super foodie in love with seafood so if you’re not a seafood fan, be sure to check out the other items on the menu at these restaurants.  Happy Eating!!

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