Iwill start with my love, Medellin.  When I disembark from the plane, I immediately have a feeling of euphoria.  I have come to this country with the heaviest of burdens from losing my Mother to walking away from my 15-year career.  Each and every time I enter this place I feel a sense of release and peace. I describe it as if upon entering the country there is a room where you can leave all of your problems, not to be retrieved until you leave this magical place. 

As I was sharing this feeling with a friend, he shared with me that the city has been sprinkled with magical realism. Now, this term is usually associated with a piece of literature, but it also is the best way to describe this magical city filled with beauty, peace and light.  I am sure this is far from the negativity of drugs, crime and violence you have come to know. After binging on Narcos, which puts all the past negativity on full display, how could you think anything less. Well, that was the city’s past, but they have moved far past the reputation of war zone that they were burdened by a generation ago.  I am in no way saying that they don’t still have their challenges, but they have made enormous social and economic strides since that period of time. They have now emerged from the ashes and have become a high traffic tourist destination with tourism growing 300% from 2006 with the majority of those tourists coming from the United States and the second largest from Europe.  

Medellin, City of Eternal Spring, boasts spring-like weather year round so this is the perfect atmosphere for people to not only visit but to live as digital nomads and retire.  This is one of the reasons why Medellin is currently one of the fastest growing tourist and expatriate destinations in South America. Beyond the popularity, Medellin is simply awe inspiring from the bountiful mountainsides to the breathtaking cityscapes.  This modern city rivals top cities like New York and Los Angeles in my book. 

One of the other things I love about Medellin, which is the same thing that I love about Los Angeles, you can literally drive 20 minutes, hop on a plane for 45 minutes, or get lost in a different neighborhood and feel like you’re in another country on a wonderful vacation. It makes life in Medellin even better and is also what makes the city so appealing to tourists and expats.  The absolute best part about Colombia is the inexpensive cost of living. I feel like I’m living in a daily 75% off sale. Monthly expenses while living lavishly with full-time in-home staff will range from $1,300 to 1,800 depending on your specific needs.  

Now, this is why people are not only visiting but also moving in mass to this beautiful city. Because of the high tourist traffic, it is an optimal place to invest because there is a constant flow of tourists to make sure you’re always yielding a high rate of return which is currently at 12%.  For all these reasons, Medellin gets my top spot as #1 city to invest abroad. 

El Poblado, Medellín, Colombia

  • Great exchange rate between USD and COP
  • Great tourism and investment opportunities
  • Well dress, well mannered and welcoming people
  • Comfortable, tranquil and Idyllic way of life for a super affordable price
  • High quality properties at great prices
  • Clean, modern and first world setting
  • The city is only a 3-hour flight from the US
  • Easy and fast residency for foreigners

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