Cape Town is one of the most attractive cities in the world. It has magnificent architecture, mild climate, high quality service and a sea of entertainment – these are the main reasons why more and more travelers choose holidays in South Africa. Every year dozens of new buildings are erected in the city: hotels, clubs and restaurants. Very close to modern buildings you can see beautiful historical monuments, carefully preserved by citizens.
In addition to cultural and entertainment venues, a huge choice of active entertainment is available for vacationers with and without children in Cape Town. There is interesting nature reserves to watch wildlife, one of the most popular are tours to Table Mountain. You can climb to the top of the mountain by car or by cable car, with a great view of the coast and the surrounding landscapes. Table Mountain is located on the territory of the nature reserve by the same name, in which many rare plants have been preserved as well as live wild animals and birds. Accompanied by a guide, you can take a walk on the territory of the reserve or you can book an adventurous bicycle tour.


Bo-Kaap color quarter, founded by people from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India. This is one of Cape Town’s business cards – a landmark that reflects the flavor of the city;

Watch Table Mountain, outlined by the peaks of the Lion’s Head, the Devil and the Twelve Apostles. The Cape Town scheme with sights allows you to appreciate the majesty of a natural reserve, in which more than two thousand unique plants grow. Note to tourists: to the top you can climb the funicular or one of the 300 magical hiking trails (the height of the mountain is just over 1000 meters, the journey time is about 3 hours);

Get to Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

• Particularly noteworthy are the routes along the Garden Route (“The Road of the Gardens”), to Cape Agulny, the Dyulker seal island, to the regions of Stellenbosch, Constant, Parl wineries.


Accommodation – Independent hotels and the world’s leading chains DoubleTree, Park Inn, Best Western, Protea Hotels offer fans of African exotic hundreds of accommodation options in the “high” and “low” seasons.

Accommodation with all the amenities possible in the hotels of Cape Town 5 stars. Accommodation in them will cost 100-500 USD per day.Four- and three-star hotels in Cape Town will provide rooms for the price of 30-70 USD.

Food – Prices at Cape Town restaurants range from 5-20 USD (Myoga, Lola’s) to 21-133USD (Baia, Signal Restaurant Waterfront) per visit, the average bill at Cape Town Café is 3-10 USD (Big Route, Rick’s Café Americain).

Transportation – To explore the cultural capital of South Africa, use Cape Town public transport. Buses GABS and MyCiTi run through all parts of the city, their hub is the Golden Acre terminal on the Grande Parade. The average cost of a trip through the center of Cape Town is .035-1.05 USD.

In MyCiTi buses, payment is made via the MyConnect card (1.60USD), which can be replenished in any supermarket. Advice to tourists: Use Cape Town’s special city excursion. The journey takes place on the route City Sightseeing Cape Town.
To visit the suburbs, the best option is by train. For tourists, the most interesting is the line of Simon’s Town Line, enveloping Table Mountain with the Observatory and the exciting shopping areas of Newlands, False Bay coast. The fare in economy class – .30-.60USD, in the first class – .35-.98USD.

Suggested daily budget – According to statistics, for a good rest in Cape Town, it is enough to allocate about 70 USD per day for accommodation, meals and entertainment from your budget. There is no ceiling, because if you wish, you can spend any amount of money here, staying at the best hotel and having dinner in trendy restaurants.


1 Study the bus schedule: The most popular form of transport is the bus. Interestingly, the fare depends not only on the length of the route, but also on what time you hit the road. From 6:45 to 8:00 and from 16:15 to 17:30 on weekdays the price will be 30% higher.

2 Choose the accommodation. The most affordable cost of living in Cape Town are lodges at the airport and in the city center (Road Lodge Airport Cape Town) – from 53 USD per day. The budget also includes the packages of services of modern boutique hotels Urban Chic Boutique Hotel, The Three Boutique Hotel. The average price of accommodation in Cape Town here is 27-38 USD per day.

Well, for those who want to save on accommodation, there are numerous hostels in Cape Town, where you can rent a bed for 7-15 USD.

3 Go to Long Street to eat out! Long Street is the epicenter of democratic and at the same time incredibly colorful restaurants of Cape Town. In Masala Dosa, enjoy modern Indian cuisine, in the Kurdish Mesopotamia restaurant – aromatic tandoor dishes and folk songs.

4 Search for the best shopping malls! Mememe, which, according to the range of presented fashion collections, can compete not only with outlets near Cape Town, but also with the leading shopping centers of the city. A nice little thing: the price tags for chiffon dresses, handbags and jackets rarely exceed 120USD.


Night life and fun in South African city includes:
Nude Holidays at the Clifton Beach nudist beach;
Nature walks in Greenpoint Park and Biodiversity Garden, Silvermine Nature Reserve, Company’s Garden;
Adult entertainment in Cape Town is Mavericks’ most famous strip club with a friendly atmosphere, comedy club Jou Ma Se Comedy Club, Cape Town night clubs The Loop, Decodance Underworld. The nightlife of Cape Town is concentrated in the central part of the city, also covering the cozy places of Planet Bar, Julep Bar; If you want to be in one central location, Long Street is a great spot to be with plenty of clubs, bars and restaurants.

Family vacation at Cape Town’s Ratanga Junction amusement parks, Bugz Family Playpark with a huge selection of attractions, Cool Runnings Toboggan Family Park with a unique outdoor bobsleigh track.

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