Nairobi is a fast-growing and developing African city that is the capital of Kenya. It is also called the World Capital of Safaris and the Green City under the sun.
Being the most advanced city in Kenya, it boasts of several higher educational institutions, factories and enterprises, and has modern infrastructure, as well. The center of Nairobi is the business district known for the offices of companies such as KenGen, Airtel, Google, Cisco Systems are located. Coca Cola, General Motors, Goodyear, Toyota Motors that have their plants here.

Dynamic modern capital of Kenya is suitable for families with children, for a young couple, a solo journey, a youth company, as well as for older couples.
• Giraffe Center
• Bomas of Kenya
• Mamba Village
• David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
• Hell’s Gate
• Lake Nakuru National Park
• Great Rift Valley
• Kenya National Park

• In Nairobi, you should see a conference center named after the first president of the country – J. Kenyatta, one building of which is made in the form of a lotus, as well as a giraffe farm of the writer Karen Blixen. Another popular place is the “Bomas-of-Kenya” – an ethnic village, which often hosts dance events by local people.

• The Great Rift Valley, which is located near the capital of Kenya, also deserves attention. It was formed many millions of years ago as a result of the tectonic movement of the earth plates and significant 30 active volcanoes. In addition to all this, a large number of flamingos live here, numbering four million.

• Being in Nairobi, you should definitely visit the world famous institution – “Le Carnivore”. This restaurant pays only for the entrance and ordered drinks, and meals are provided free of charge. The main feature of this place is the meat of such animals as antelope, zebra, giraffe, ostrich. But they are served almost as a last resort, so you should not lash out with a huge appetite for first courses.

• Outside the city is the National Park, which resembles a real savanna. This is a place where virtually untouched nature is combined with the outlines of a big city visible far away. In the park you can find a lion, leopard, zebra, buffalo, antelope and even a black rhino. There is also a hospital for sick or wounded animals.

• Many tourists are skeptical of Nairobi, however, without visiting this city, one can hardly understand at least partially such outlandish Kenya. Urban noisy rhythm of life, widespread trade and surprisingly close wildlife can only exist so closely


Accommodation – Take, for example, the romantic Radisson Blu Hotel Nairobi or the stylish Sankara Nairobi. The average price of accommodation in such hotels starts from 300 USD. But in Nairobi you can find quite cheap hotels. As a rule, room reservation allows you to find in advance options for both 100 and 150 USD. Finding a three-star apartment such as Batians Peak Serviced Apartments or PrideInn Hotel Westlands at the same time you’ll find quite comfortable and modern.

Other options are, three stars of the Karen Inn & Suites hotel or four stars of the Cloud Hotel & Suites will equally give guests the opportunity of a wonderful holiday. Guest also give rave reviewsto Villa Rosa Kempinski, where President Obama stayed,Hemingways Nairobi, and Nairobi Serena.

On sites you can always find excellent photo numbers, so you will not lose. Yes, and read what they write visitors who have visited there, too, it is worth it. Reasonable pricing offers luxurious skyscraper Hilton Nairobi.

Seldom Hotel is completely democratic, although in this case we are not talking about stars. You can stay at the Parama Hotel. Only two stars, and, accordingly, the cost is not higher than 50 USD. Nairobi in this regard offers an amazing contrast of hotels, the quality of services and offers.

Reservations can be made in the luxurious Silver Springs in the heart and economical Jaffer’s Hotel with good food, a modern Kima Hotel and a family-run Bidwood Suite Hotel, where you can relax with your pets. A five-star level of service in DusitD2 Nairobi allows you to feel at a height – these apartments are considered one of the most expensive and high-quality.
If you’re a budget traveler, consider Airbnb’s in Westlands, Kileleshwa, Kilimani, or Karen only. Other areas can be a bit sketchy or too far from places where you want to be.

Food – There are many food options in Nairobi from street food to five star restaurants. Unless you have a really strong stomach, I don’t suggest eating the street food, but it looks delicious and there are many extremely cheap options like 60 cents to $3 per meal. I’m not big into fast food, but there are KFC’s & Pizza Hut everywhere, however, my favorite fast food restaurant is called Galito’s. The grilled chicken breast and fries is my go to meal, and it’s only $4.50. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Kenyan food, there are a few restaurants that deserve mention. The Talisman in Karen is a must visit. Food and drinks are pretty good. Manor 540 has amazing fish and plantains, but it’s a Cameroonian restaurant. J’s Bar & Kitchen has a great burger. It’s About Thyme also has pretty good food as well.

Transportation – Despite the fact that the city does not have subways and trams, the transport infrastructure of the capital of Kenya, by African standards, is sufficiently developed.In addition to taxis (the cost of a trip around the city – from 635 KES), the popular urban transport of Nairobi is buses. However, the comfort of buses often leaves much to be desired, so during the day both locals and tourists often ride in private minibuses Matatata (Matatasy), designed for 12-25 passengers.Prices for transport in Nairobi are as follows: travel to Matatata, depending on the distance, costs from KES 160 to 470. One trip in the bus costs 65-145 KES.To get to the neighboring cities, you can use the local railway transport or the services of air carriers.Travelers who visited Kenya warn about the chaotic movement, crazy rhythm of the capital and its endless traffic jams.

Suggested daily budget- So, let’s take a look on the general expenses. Visacostsnolessthan 50 USD. The accommodation prices usually start from 20 USD per a day, the transport fees are from 65 KES. The average bill in the restaurant will cost you from 10 USD whereas the excursion is from 15 USD. If we summarize the cost of travel for two days, it will take nearly 820 USD. Definitely, talking about the typical costs including shopping without which no travel could be imagined.


1. Be ready for an expensive flight, but save on the rest!Prepare for it by the most conservative estimates at least 500 USD. Last minute tours to Nairobi can be found throughout the year. They will allow you to save from 100 to 300 USD, or even more. The savings are usually spent on a trip to wild Africa, shopping and other entertainment, which in large quantities offers the modern African metropolis.

2. Organize your own trip.The cost of the best safari tours in Nairobi starts from 1000-1200 USD, however, there are far more options to choose from.There are museums, beaches, great opportunities for a good safari at a better rate if self-planned. It is definitely worth seeing the Kenyan National Park, which is in the center of town.

Some people go to Nairobi just for the safari but miss out on the landscapes and the colorful life of Kenya. The cheapest overnight tours will cost 500-700 USD. The price depends on the season, the number of days, your plans for the trip and many other factors.
See elephants and the African savannah, ride under palm trees, and admire the lion pride – is this not an adventure? Even the cheapest trip to Nairobi will give you that opportunity.

3. Find your perfect accommodation. Prices for rooms in four-star hotels start at 100 USD, as in the hotel La Maison Royale. But to find a room in a three-star hotel is possible for 35 USD, for example, in the Decasa Hotel.
In the suburb of Nairobi you can find hostels or guest houses, where you will have to pay no more than 20 USD per night.

4. Use the bus transport. The fare on a regular bus starts from 65 KES and is calculated based on the distance. In addition to buses, there are tourist minibuses Matatata. The fare in them is from 160 KES. In a taxi, a trip around the city costs from 640 KES.


Fans of all sorts of entertainment, perhaps, will be excited by the nightlife in Nairobi. The open air live music lounges are the best. My favorite is J’s Bar & Kitchen on Thursday nights. This spot always jumping and has great music. It stays open until the wee hours of the morning so you can party all night. There’s also a great bar called The Alchemist that also has live music. You can go here on a Wednesday or Sunday afternoon. My favorite Sunday afternoon spot is K1 Clubhouse. They have a great brunch menu, drinks and live music. On a Saturday night, Kiza is a must do party spot. If those aren’t your style, some hotels have their own clubs (for example, Hilton Nairobi) and casinos (Safari Park Hotel & Casino), where you can have a great time as well.


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