For travelers looking for a beach holiday, we recommend a stay in Lome. Robinson Beach and beaches in the area of the Sarakawa Hotel are considered to be the best beaches of the capital. They even have bars on the beach in the city of Lome where you will see everything from partying to eating and drinking to locals playing futbol in the sand. Those who are interested in shopping and other entertainment offered by the city resort also come to Lome. Holidaymakers can look at the “Big Market” (Linda Oriental Market) or go to the quiet “Village of Artisans” (Farmers Market and Artisan Fair) for souvenirs. And for those who want to buy mystical items, a unique “idol market” will suit – Marche des Feticheurs, where they sell exclusive voodoo ritual objects.

Esoteric fans will love the trip to Togoville, where voodoo was born. In the Xetsavi quarter, tourists will find shops with cult attributes and practicing shamans. Guests of the city will be offered to inspect the Royal Palace of Chief Mlapa V and the Cathedral of Notre Dame built in 1910. Fishing lovers should go to Togo Lake. Urban tourism is also developed in Sokode, which is the second largest settlement of the republic.

For those who like country tourism, they will enjoy excursions to Keran National Park, Keate Forest Reserve and Togo’s main park, Fazao-Malfakassa National Park, located in the Malfakassa Mountain. Mount Agou is located in Agbodrafo – the highest point of the Togolese Republic, where the largest reserves of phosphate rock on the planet lie.
Keep in mind, while in Togo there is no cell phone service in Togo. There is also no internet service outside of the large hotel chains so choose according to your needs.


• The most attractive and most visited tourist destination in the east of Lome is Aneho, the former colonial capital of the country. The city attracts the attention of visitors with its individuality. Although today the state of the city is not the best, there are a lot of interesting things here. If you walk through the old quarters of the city, you can see the old buildings of the past centuries, as well as observe the life of the local population.
• The fetish market in the capital, Togo, Lome, is the largest market of such a kind in the world. It may seem as if this place was created specifically for tourists who are ready to fully plunge into the exotic. The market can be described as a kind of “pharmacy” for witches practicing voodoo. The most diverse and incredible items are sold here under the open sky – skulls, carcasses of birds and rodents, heads of monkeys, wild animals and much more.The market produces an impression, of course, ambiguous. However, tourists are welcome here. Locals will be happy to tell you about the healing properties of herbs so you can pick up a remedy for any occasion.
• The most picturesque place in the village of Kanda, located in Togo, is the beautiful valley of the Tamberma tribe, which lies 30 kilometers east of the city of Keran. It is a settlement with a number of amazing towers, each of which has an original fanciful shape.
• Go to the beach! As for the beach culture, it cannot be said that it is very developed in Lome, plus the Atlantic Ocean provides a strong roll of waves here. But there are some beautiful beaches. These are, for example, the isolated Robinson Beach and the beaches near the Sarakawa Hotel. It is pleasant to walk along the coast along the Boulevard of the Republic, which serves as the embankment.


Accommodation – Togo hotels are located mainly in Lome and along the coast. In many hotels, the equipment of hotel rooms is minimal. For this city, it’s best to go with the larger chains like Radisson Blu if you need guaranteed internet service. Some hotels will say they have internet, then when you arrive it won’t be working.
Outside Lome, sometimes the only accommodation option is in the homes of local residents, where often even minimal amenities are missing. In many homes, the bed will be a mat on the floor. The price of accommodation varies from 70 to 160 USD.

Food – Fufu and Akume based on cornmeal should be distinguished from national dishes. They are eaten with your hands and accompanied by different sauces, and bananas in various forms, which are popular here. They can be fried, in the form of mashed potatoes, grilled and in other variations, but there are always a lot of fresh fruits.

Transportation – New buses, motorcycle taxis and regular taxis appear in the city. Taxis have orange roofs.

Suggested daily budget – 120 USD and more, considering your choice of accommodation and transportation. As well, you are likely to spend much more money on various souvenirs, esoteric masks, etc, that represent the local culture.


1 Think about transportation! There are very few paved roads in Togo, and these are mainly international highways to Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso. If during a tour of Togo you have to travel on your own, it is better to choose the most expensive bus tickets, especially since the price will still not be particularly high. But the ideal option, of course, is a rented car with a driver. Domestic aviation in the country is almost not common, as is the rail service. The city is best to move about by taxi.

2 Local citizens demand money! The main problem for those who plan tours to Togo without a guide is crossing the border and exchanging money there. It is much cheaper to exchange money on the street, but you can be ripped off if you are not with a local. Also, the border crossing can be very tricky so you will need assistance. There will also be people who demand money for photgraphs of people and property. Travel at your own risk, but this is one place I do not recommend you do on your own. These are the circumstances in Lomé, especially by the sea, and in other cities. In distant villages, the inhabitants are much more welcoming and agreeable, but without a guide through West Africa you are very unlikely to get there.

3 Choose your moto! If you are in Lome, then in the cities it is better to use a moto taxi with a cab, but if you choose a car taxi, it is better to use the official one with yellow numbers. Before you get into the car, be sure to find out its cost, in order to avoid the fraud that will more than likely come later which is common here.

4 It is possible to find aninexpensive hotel. Lome has a good selection of hotels of various categories, there are very good comfortable options.


In Lome you’ll be able to find out the most breath-taking nightlife options, with bars and nightclubs. Coastal areas provide the tourists with relaxed drinking spots and beach bars with prime water-views.

It is impossible to immerse into the nightlife of Lome without acknowledging its beverages that represent a calling card of the city. Togo has its fair share of major beers (Flag, Castel, Lager) and local brews. Tchoukoutou (fermented millet) is the preferreddrink in the north. Elsewhere, beware of sodabe, a terrifyingly potent moonshine distilled from palm wine.


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