Tourists and travelers, going to Nigeria, give particular preference to Lagos, which today occupies the place of a major tourist city of the entire African coast, passing through the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic. This settlement has another interesting name “sea gates” of the state, obtained because of its location. No one will be bored here, because the city is rich in interesting places both of cultural significance and for recreation.


• One of the most significant attractions of the island is the IgaIdunganranPalace. The building is the residence of the local king of the Oba dynasty. What is so interesting about palace Ig Idunganran? To date, the architecture of the building is a combination of elements of modernity with the artifacts of ancient Yorubas. On the territory of the palace are stored unique historical monuments of Lagos, there is a tomb in which the members of the Oba family rest. The main heritage of the cultural site are ancient statues depicting the deities Eshu and Ogun. For the city, they are of great value, so they are carefully protected. Family members leave their residences and always pray in front of the shrines. Thus, they try to ward off evil spirits. Every sixteen days in IgaIdunganran, rituals are held with sacrifices, during which domestic livestock are killed.
• Special attention when visiting the National Museum of Nigeria deserves the brass gallery exhibition Benin City, as well as an interesting exhibit in the form of a human head, made of terracotta. Of course, each visitor is impressed by a collection dedicated to government symbols, where you can see a collection of various crowns made of ivory. At this “wealth” of the museum does not end there. In a separate room, an artisan center is organized, where different fabrics and wood carving are presented.
• When you get tired of walking around the sights of Lagos, you can relax on the best city beach Eleko, which in a moment will charm you with its charm. The length of the recreation area is two kilometers, while the whole territory is covered with soft white sand. The water along the entire coast is crystal clear and has a beautiful turquoise hue. It is very pleasant to have a family here, because there are no big waves, and the entrance to the sea is very convenient and safe. A deckchair or umbrella, if necessary, you can rent immediately on the beach. In addition to all the advantages of Eleko, this place is ideal for novice surfers and lovers of underwater excursions.
• Makoko is one of the districts of Lagos, it borders on the most developed and modern areas of the city, where banks and office centers are located. Black Venice is a few streets built directly above the water.
• Lighthouse Ponta de Piedade
• Beach Dona Anna
• Beach Camilo
• Saint Antonius Church
• Cultural center of Lagos
• Monument to King Sebastian I
• Quayside Marina de Lagos
• Santa Maria Church
• Scientific center Viva de Lagush
• Museum of slavery Antigo Mercado de Escravos


Accommodation – Renting an apartment 1-bedroom for a month, sleeping area 145.40 USD per a month
Renting an apartment 1-bedroom for a month, center 659.39 USD
Rent an apartment 3-bedroom for a month, sleeping area 677.54 USD
Rent an apartment 3-bedroom for the month center 1825.55 USD.
The the price of a room in 2 star hotel costs 38 USD, 3 star is 60 USD, 4 star is 100 USD.

Food – Dinner in a café costs 8 USD per a person. A cup of coffee is 2 USD. The meal in the most expensive restaurant costs nearly 30 USD.

Transportation – The cost of public transport is 0.92 USD (per one trip) while the fare of taxi for one kilometer is 2.54 USD.

Suggested daily budget is 70 USD per a person considering accommodation, transport, a couple of meals in not expensive restaurant, and excursions.


1 Buy a monthly ticket for public transport! There are many factors that determine the cost of local transport in Lagos. However, when you plan to stay longer in Lagos – the best option is a ticket for a month. The price for a monthly subscription is 70 USD.

2 Get familiar with the appropriate prices for meal: The locals consider that the important price for meal in a restaurant is no more than 8 USD. SO, don’t pay too much!
3 Take a set of quick meals in the cafes. Some cafes propose you to take a set of quick meal for a day with the cost of maximum 10 USD.


Lagos is famous for several clubs with cheap prices and possibilities to dance all the night long. The most appropriate for the travelers are considered to be Mike, Medison, and Troy. All of them are equipped with summer patios, double-decker structure, and boisterous music as well as delicious food and amazing beverages.


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