Accra is the capital of Ghana, the largest city in the country, which is also its cultural and industrial center. The city is located in the south of the country, on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, and occupies part of a hilly plain covered with savanna.

The main adornment of the city these days are numerous ancient quarters with their colonial mansions and traditional pomp. Independence Square Accra, located east of the central part of the city, according to many, copies the Red Square in Moscow and is the venue for the picturesque festive parades. Here are the Arch of Independence and the Memorial of the Unknown Soldier.

The Accra Center for the Arts is located between the Independence Square and the city center. It is both a museum and an exhibition-sale of local artisans, as well as a venue for regular song festivals, dance performances and performances of theater companies.

The Accra National Museum contains an extensive collection of Ghanaian art, including numerous exhibits from ancient empires that flourished on this land.

Today, Accra is one of the richest and most modern cities on the African continent, with a high rate of living by African standards. Accra is also known as the city with the most active nightlife.


Watch the streets: Urban development stretches along the hilly coast of the Gulf of Guinea and covers an area of 185 km². Numerous old quarters are considered to be the tourist attraction of Accra. They consist of labyrinths of narrow streets, built up with pompous colonial mansions. East of the center of Accra is a spacious Independence Square, where occasional lush parades are held. It houses the Memorial of the Unknown Soldier and the Arch of Independence.

Cultural rest: Tourists visiting the capital of Ghana try to visit the National Museum, the Accra Center for the Arts, the old European forts and the Macola and Kanesh markets. For travelers, the luxurious Botanical Garden, which is located 30 meters from Accra in the city of Aburi, is popular. Many tourists are happy to go on excursions to cocoa plantations, located on the hills of Akwapim, 18 km north of the city.

Beach holiday: Most travelers combine the sightseeing of Accra with a pleasant beach holiday. On the coast of the Gulf of Guinea always reigns oceanic freshness. For these places are characterized by large waves, so sandy beaches are allowed to swim only near the rescue towers. Ocean coast attracts not only lovers of sunbathing. On the beaches of Accra, they play football, celebrate birthdays, spend time in bars with friends, and, of course, sell African souvenirs.

National Museum: A rich collection of historical artifacts and objects brought to Accra from various African countries is located in the city center. The oldest museum in Ghana was opened in 1957.

The ethnographic collection consists of traditional African musical instruments, textiles, garments, hats, ceramics, jewelry, agricultural implements and tools for smelting iron. In the halls dedicated to contemporary visual arts, you can see paintings by artists of Ghana. Many tourists linger around the archaeological collections collected during excavations in Accra and its surroundings. Artifacts are exhibited here, dating back to the Stone Age.

A large section of the museum is set aside for exhibits from Accra from different parts of the African continent. This Nigerian bronze heads, sculptures of the Zulus, the regalia of the leaders of African tribes, attributes of ritual dances, as well as wooden masks and colorful beads made in South Africa.


The most common and cheapest form of public transport in the capital of Ghana is colorful TroTro minibuses. True to a visitor in the scheme of their movement in the city can be difficult to understand. Together with the driver of the minibuses, there is an assistant who loudly screams the direction of the path and stops.

Traveling on regular buses are a bit more expensive, but this type of transport is considered more comfortable and safe. There are practically no buses in Accra, as they are used for intercity transportation.

An alternative way to get around the city is a taxi. Taxi cars are private and public. Finding a taxi-meter in Accra is a big problem, so most often the cost is agreed in advance with the driver. The price of the trip varies from $3 to $12 depending on the distance.
Tourists who travel to Ghana should familiarize themselves with recommendations and tips. In large establishments, guests are given tips, which in most cases are already included in the total bill. In small cafes and bars, there is no need to tip. The surcharge is automatically included in the hotel bill. The size of the tip is on average 6%, but feel free to add to it if you received excellent service.

The premium is given to rangers, drivers, service personnel. Tourists can give 3-4 dollars. If guests of the country order a tour where the service personnel consists of several people, then tips are given to the boss. Taxi drivers do not give a surcharge, and the cost of the trip is better to discuss in advance. You can round the amount in a big way to please the taxi driver.


1. At the airport taxis can be ordered at the counter at the exit of the terminal; cars usually await passengers at the exit of the arrival hall. Taxis are not equipped with taximeters, so the fare is better to discuss in advance.
2. For specified urban routes, shuttle minibuses (tro-tro) are running. This is the cheapest and most popular way to travel around Accra, but it is not always safe due to the poor technical condition of cars and chaotic driving style.
3. It is more economical to book accommodation in Accra in the northern part of the city, because it is here that hotels are located with an optimal offer of value and quality.The optimal choice for those who want to save as much as possible will be Adinkra Lodge, the cheapest hotel located in the west of Accra.


Ghana’s nightclub scene develops slowly. In recent years, a number of trendy clubs have opened paths near Oxford Street and embassies. Most serve dinner in the early evening, before they actually start working on weekend nights. Cover charges vary significantly, and entry is usually not difficult.

Republic Bar: located on Oxford Street, this new bar has taken incredible West African talent. Combined with inventive cocktails and great snacks, this is one of the most popular clubs in the city.
Bella Roma: Located on Oxford Street outside Frankies, this restaurant / cafe / club opens around 6pm for dinner. Things to pick up, as the evening progresses, with music and people spilling out of the many rooms on the open patio.


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